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Coronavirus update

Dear Clients,

AQTranslations is primarily an online, digital business.

As such, I can work from home and ensure continuous and reliable services to you.

You can contact me as usual by e-mail at: a.quillevere [at] free.fr

Thank you and keep safe!

Anne Quillevéré

A strange request…

What is the strangest request you have ever received from a client?

Last month I received a rather unusual request from a translation agency. Their client was preparing a marketing campaign for the Japanese market. They wanted to promote three products: a fabric softener, a laundry detergent and a fabric mist. The ad would feature the picture of the products with their name underneath. Now, they wanted to add “romance” to it (I guess a laundry detergent is not romantic enough…), which for them meant they needed a touch of French… Since “the Japanese don’t really understand French”, it did not have to be the exact translation (adoucissant, lessive, désodorisant), but just to look French and “graceful from the letters”…

The order was cancelled shortly afterwards, but I thought about it nevertheless. I was thinking along the lines of Volupté, Pureté, Fragrance… Any other idea?