Recent projects

Technical and specialised translations

Computer science, information technology, electronics, home appliance, measuring instruments, etc.

  • Online catalogue for a semiconductor and electronic component distributor
  • Specifications for the lighting system of a touristic resort
  • Specifications relative to the manufacturing and control of metallic wire dampers for a nuclear power plant
  • Description of a height safety system designed for wind turbine operators
  • Description of a production line for photovoltaic modules
  • Installation and operating manual for an ink jet printer
  • Installation and operating manual for a fatigue analysis machine
  • User manual of UV systems
  • User manual of a food dispenser for restaurants
  • Installation manual of home cinema system
  • Technical brochures and product datasheets for WiFi access points
  • Commercial brochures for portable measuring instruments used in industrial settings
  • Commercial brochures on new motor oils
  • Commercial brochures on high performance sunglasses
  • Technical experts’ reports and conclusions in a court proceeding
  • Description of microbiological techniques used in a liquid food company
  • Warning labels for laboratory chemicals
  • Catalogue of a LED lightings manufacturer
  • Web site of a luxury baths manufacturer
  • Brochures for a range of portable heavy metal analysers


  • Product monograph on a new molecule aimed at health professionals


  • Specifications relative to the cleaning of components for a nuclear power plant
  • Specifications relative to the packing of components for a nuclear power plant
  • UK Ministry of Defense standard relative to  the specification for the Type X Resilient Mount and the Leaf Spring Assembly of the Type Y Resilient Mount
  • Internal position paper of a European association of manufacturers with respect to European Directive 2002/95/CE relative to the restriction on hazardous substances
  • Quality, Security and Environmental Management System Manual

Editorial translation, communication

Corporate communication

  • Script for a corporate presentation video
  • Press releases announcing new products
  • Corporate presentations, annual reports

 Human resources

  • Online support and resource system for employees
  • Tutorials and training programs for employees (management of addiction, stress, failure, career development, etc.)
  • Communication training courses for managers
  • Training and promotion programs for store managers
  • User manual for the employees’ working time management system
  • Online training on information safety awareness
  • e-learning modules on information security, intellectual property and social media
  • Webinars for sales training managers
  • Interviewer’s guide for the recruitment of an international NGO
  • Instructor’s guide for the training of newly recruited real estate agents
  • Corporate governance rules


  • Hotel descriptions for an online booking site
  • Hotel websites

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