Customer testimonials

(…) Just to let you know that the client was very happy with your work and hopefully will assign more jobs like this. Thanks a lot again.

Jindrich S., Project Manager (Czech Republic)

Anne is professional, a good communicator and delivers quality French translations. A pleasure to work with!

Kelly O., Operations Manager (Spain)

We worked with Anne several times: she did such a good work, our client was satisfied!

Frédéric B., Manager (France)

Anne is very responsive, reliable and a highly professional translator!

Alina U., Linguist Management (UK)

You always do a great job on my projects!

Lauren G., Project Coordinator (USA)

(…) the job is still available since I did not want to give it to anyone
else, because we received only good feedback about your translations.

Didzis G., Localization Project Manager (Latvia)

We have now received the feedback from the client regarding the translation provided. (…) the feedback is quite positive. Thanks again for providing such a good job!

Hajera L., Senior Project Manager (UK)

(…) un plaisir de travailler ensemble ! 

Marion P., Project Coordinator  (Spain)

Just to let you know that your translation was of very good quality, no major changes to be done on client’s side. Thank you for your great work!

Zoé C., Project Coordinator (Spain)

Thank you so much for the files, received safely. You have been of great help with this project and every time we need your help.

Project Manager (UK)

You’re the best! Thanks a million for this.

Barbara R., Project Coordinator (Spain)

Our client was extremely impressed with your work on this. They will be submitting some revisions (…) and were wondering if you would be able to work on the project?

Elisabeth A., Project Coordinator (USA)

The client reviewer gave us some very positive feedback on this file you worked on a while back, they only made 3 minor changes and congratulated us on the translation; congratulations and many thanks Anne!

Isabel V., Senior Project Manager (Spain)

I handled the QM of project XXX after your step, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that your translation was very good quality. Thank you for your help on this account!

Blanche G., Senior Internal Linguist (France/Spain)

Thank you for your great work  here!

Elsa V., Project Coordinator (Spain)